25th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium 2011
22-26 August 2011 Rovaniemi, Finland


The 25th IAGS was held in 22-26 August in 2011 in Rovaniemi, Finland. About 350 full registrations, 30 partners and 15 assistants, totally almost 400 people took part in the symposium. The importance of applied geochemistry was seen as a wide spectrum of 120 oral and 90 poster presentations, six keynote lectures, and the whole symposium programme. Technical sessions were supported by the seven field excursions and six workshops.

The organizers, The Finnish Association of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, the Geological Survey of Finland and the University of Oulu together with the Rovaniemi-Lapland Congresses want to thank the Association of Applied Geochemists, all keynote speakers and participants, sponsors and exhibitors, and all the volunteers for making the symposium successful. It was our pleasure to have the symposium held in Rovaniemi, at the Arctic Circle, in the home town of Santa Claus. At the same time, we wish good luck to the organizers of the next 26th IAGS symposium in New Zealand in 2013. See you there!


Symposium publications are available as electronic versions (pdf) on the subpage: Technical programme . The photo slide show that was shown in the closing session will take you back to the conference events and atmosphere. More photos are available on a separate password protected page. The password will be sent to all symposium participants by the conference office.

We invite all oral presenters to send their presentation slides in PDF-form and poster presenters to send in their posters in PDF-form to the conference office so that the materials can be added on the symposium webpage.

The authors of the oral and poster presentations of the 25th IAGS are also encouraged to produce the manuscripts and to submit them for the special volume of the Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment and Analysis. The deadline is 15th November 2011 and the instructions for the submission are available on the web page: http://geea.geoscienceworld.org/ and the web pages of the AAG: http://www.appliedgeochemists.org/.

Last modified 5.10.2011